Company Assessments in Cleveland Ohio

Would you like to utilize assessments to uncover the unique capabilities of your team members?

Coaching Solutions offers the following assessments:

  • Leadership 360
  • Sales Strategy
  • Communications
  • Time Mastery

Leadership 360 (Hay Resource Group)

The Manager Competencies reflect the challenges that today’s manager faces. This model contains 11 competencies, organized in four clusters. The four clusters are—

  • Managing Yourself
  • Managing Your Team
  • Managing the Work
  • Managing Collaboratively

Benefits for using this 360-degree feedback:

  • Gives unbiased feedback on your style and strengths
  • Reinforces strengths and helps you understand unknown weaknesses
  • Easy to take because it’s online so coworkers, suppliers, customers, and bosses to can easily fill out
  • Covers the key leadership areas

Sales Strategy:

If your salespeople are struggling to meet their quotas and are not aligned properly with their customers, perhaps they are struggling with sales strategy.  This 45-minute survey will help uncover their key issues with the sales process.

Electronic Personal Coaching Styles Inventory

This inventory was created by Corporate Coach University International (CCUI) for a communication style assessment.  It rates people on four communication/behavioral styles.  It helps professionals better understand how they communicate.  This tool can be used individually or in a 360-degree format.

Benefits of this survey:

  • Gives communication style feedback
  • Helps you learn how to better communicate with coworkers, managers, and subordinates

Communication Profiles (from Target Training International)

Workplace Motivators: This assessment will help you understand the values that drive your individuals, team, etc.  By knowing and then using this information, you’re able to lessen turnover.

PIAV (Personal Interests Attitudes & Values Version) This assessment will help you understand the “why” behind many of your decisions and reactions.

DISC for Salespeople: This assessment helps the individual understand his/her style of selling, and how he/she can best communicate with his/her customers.

DISC for Executives:  This assessment will help the executive know how he/she can best communicate with his/her staff and also help the individual understand his/her preferences better.

DISC for Staff:  This assessment will help all employees know how to better communicate with each other and understand each others’ preferences better.

Benefits of these tools:

  • Quick to take and interpret
  • Internet-based
  • Reliable