We typically work with small professional services companies (accountants, attorneys, consultants, mortgage brokers, financial services providers, high-tech, medical services, etc.)  However, we also have done work with leaders at larger firms (NASA, Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, National City, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, and Coca Cola).

Clients typically want to make a dramatic change in their businesses and take them to a new and more effective level.  Typical clients look like this:

  • I want to expand my business into a new area.
  • As the owner, I want a confidential sounding board.
  • My business is a job.  I’m stuck in the details.  I want to work on my business, not just in my business.
  • I’m dependent on one or two clients; so I want to improve my sales/marketing efforts.
  • I do well with urgent client issues, but I don’t focus enough time on strategic work.
  • My employees need help with communications and teamwork.
  • I want to get a better understanding of my leadership strengths and weaknesses.
  • I struggle with time management issues (procrastination, organization, and communication overload).

Here’s what some of our clients are saying about Coaching Solutions.

Coaching Solutions helped me tremendously in bringing clarity and focus as I struggled with an important career decision.  The advice was both timely and insightful.  David supplemented our discussions with tools and templates to bring additional value to our sessions.  I highly recommend Coaching Solutions!

David Winters, The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, Georgia

Working with David (Coaching Solutions) has added marketing strategy, structure and confidence to my vision. I have significantly increased the number of leads and contacts and I have closed more sales in the last six months than the previous 2 years. I find great value in having a resource to work through the development of ideas and helping me keep a balance between short and long-term business development activities. David has contributed to my business as both a coach and as a marketing strategist.

George Aslinger, Lean-Six Sigma Consultant and Owner of Aslinger & Associates, Hixson, TN

Recently, David Rust from Coaching Solutions gave our executive team some training on time management.  It was highly effective, and my team members and I have already made incremental progress vis-à-vis our phone and email usage, daily prioritizing, and paperwork handling.  The training helped clarify some solutions to help our organization make progress.

Gary L. Failor, Executive Director, Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, Ohio

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the business relationship we now enjoy.  The training that you delivered regarding time and territory management enlightened my salespeople and allowed them to consider the following:

  • Specific goal setting can afford a salesperson with more marketing opportunities if managed effectively.
  • Preparation for the sales day can be accomplished at the end of the prior business day when evaluating results and achievements and reviewing priorities that went unattended.
  • Energy and enthusiasm is infectious and can help fortify the commitment to deliver on quotas and financial goals.
  • Managing the sales process is critical on time and territory management (allocation of time and resources for “real” prospects).

Although our sales team has a strong grasp on the sales process, your refresher course was delivered from a “consultant’s” perspective and absorbed more intently than during our own internal training sessions.  I would strongly recommend your organization to anyone interested in improving their salespeople’s efficiencies and providing them with resources to financially impact the business in a positive manager and increase their annual compensation.

Bill Salm, Jr. President, Image Pro, LTD. (Authorized Toshiba Distributor), Brecksville, Ohio

David led a fast-paced, high-energy training session that included some stimulating brainstorming ideas.   Through this training session, the team gained some good, creative options to broaden their perspectives about marketing techniques.  He formed sub-groups, which helped people create marketing ideas that they would not have created on their own.  In addition, he helped the group be creative by demanding that no idea was a bad idea, which enhanced member expression.   In sum, we had a good training experience with Coaching Solutions, Inc. and I recommend them.

Jeannie Fowle, Field Director, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Cleveland, Ohio

David’s enthusiastic attitude stimulated my team to work together and generated great thoughts.  He was creative and fun!

Heather Jorgenson, Manager, National City Bank, Solon, Ohio

We have worked on a variety of issues (from marketing plans to dealing with management issues).  I have enjoyed using David as a confidential, neutral sounding board to discuss these situations that I deal with as the president of IdentiCo.  It has been extremely helpful to work through issues with David that I would normally have to work through alone.

In addition, David has been very resourceful in challenging my marketing tactics so that I can be more effective in pursuing the growth of my company.  He has been a positive force in my business and has motivated me to take positive action toward achieving my goals.

David is very creative in developing new approaches to address business issues and opportunities.  He will always be candid in his assessment of the situation.  Most importantly, David has the highest ethical standards.  Because of this, I place great value and trust in his opinion and insight.  I have no concerns whatsoever discussing confidential information with him because I know he will handle it appropriately.  For all of these reasons, I confidently and enthusiastically recommend Coaching Solutions, Inc. for executive coaching.

Ed Buchheit, President, IdentiCo Inc. (mid-size label converter), Alpharetta, Georgia

Our Company has done quarterly training for the last several years.  The other professional training organizations try to fit their products to your needs.  Coaching Solutions spent the time to understand our Company and developed a customized training plan that hit the mark.  One of the outcomes of the training was the development of an improved delegation system, which resulted in my staying caught up during tax season; this was a first!

Keith Martinet, Manager Partner, Martinet-Recchia, Inc. (mid-size accounting firm), Willoughby, Ohio

The best that I can say may not be a sufficiently good recommendation for David Rust. I have had a coaching relationship with David at Coaching Solutions, Inc. since the middle of November 2002 to the present.  We have coached around several issues (from career discovery to marketing).  David has been a great help to me with my business. Also, he has helped me uncover creative ideas for new career fields.  In addition, he has been a sounding board as I start a new venture.  He stresses accountability; and has been a very helpful coach.  I recommend David as a coach for businesses who want to improve their effectiveness.

Frank T. Peterson, Independent Distributor, Solon, Ohio

I must admit that I was rather skeptical when I was considering hiring a career coach. However, David Rust from Coaching Solutions, Inc. has proven to be invaluable in my new career search.

Besides motivating me to spend time every week on my search, he has helped me explore options I never would have considered. Most importantly, however, David is a great sounding board. He is extremely intelligent and I highly value his assistance in discussing and evaluating career options.

I have already referred people to David, and will continue to strongly recommend him to people in the future.

Robert J. Willis, Area Director, Business Network International, Aurora, Ohio