Do you have these concerns about your staff?

  • Struggling with a professor who doesn’t have other pursuits besides academia?
  • Need help with a staff member who wants assistance working with his/her spouse on retirement planning so that they have a peaceful retirement together?
  • Concerned that your staff members don’t have help to guide them through the obstacles of succession planning and retirement planning?
  • Frustrated that your staff members are overwhelmed by retirement options and instead decide to delay key decision making?

Consider the Retirement Planning 10-Step System:

  1. Retirement goal development: participant, spouse, and joint goal development that covers values, interests, passions, missions, and many other elements.
  2. Health objectives.
  3. Joint time considerations.
  4. Geography and housing desires.
  5. Financial priorities.
  6. Summary and consolidation of objectives with the creation of a master plan.
  7. Timeline development.
  8. Testing of elements of the retirement plan.
  9. Succession planning for participant and spouse (if applicable).
  10. Implementation coaching sessions.