Employee Training in Cleveland Ohio

Would you like training that changes your employees and makes permanent impact?

Would you like customized training that meets your needs?

Coaching Solutions offers customized training that meets your objectives and helps your employees improve in the most critical areas.  Some of the topics for groups include the following:

  • Goal setting: keys for successfully setting and reaching goals
  • Sales improvement:  prospecting, cold calling steps, following up on leads, networking, making super presentations, closing sales, etc.
  • Sales strategies: Building instant rapport, dealing with rejection, overcoming obstacles in the sales process, keys to persistence
  • Personal and professional organization: how to keep yourself organized and working efficiently
  • Communication skills: optimizing how you and your team communicates
  • Leadership skill development: Developing personal leadership and building personal responsibility
  • Creative problem-solving techniques and focusing tools: methods for increasing your ability to concentrate deeply and solve difficult issues
  • Keys to successful planning: keeping on track of your most important items systematically
  • Time mastery: prioritizing effectively, delegation, managing crises versus proactive work, weekly planning, handling paperwork effectively, staying focused despite the pressures of ongoing business issues
  • Networking: how to find and utilize strong networking partners to gain additional business and build your circle of influence
  • Marketing tools: marketing plan development, marketing communications, market research, etc.
  • Life balance tools: keeping yourself spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically fit
  • Leadership assessment: gain 360-feedback from direct reports, peers, managers, and discussion of implications
  • Business valuation: taking a temperature on your company’s net worth and strategies for increasing your company’s net worth
  • Delegation tips: how to empower your people without losing your business
  • Career management: skills and strength assessment, career planning, and maximizing your current position and preparing for the future
  • Teamwork principles: ways to enhance teamwork and build trust
  • Customer service issues: examples of good and bad customer service, how to be service focused, how customer service impacts career opportunities, customer expectations, perceptions, & evaluations, ideas & responses for handling stressful customers
  • Managing stress: how to keep sane, happy, and polite during stressful moments
  • Relationships at the office and at home: short course on “how build friends and influence people,” how to keep your relationships intact while doing great work during busy times, and effective communications

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